Save the date: Aug 20th 2011 is the next Buffalo Creek trail workday

Save the date: Saturday Aug 20th 2011 is the next Buffalo Creek trail workday. In August we will be putting crews on both Charlies Cut-off and Blackjack. As always after work food and beer will be provided. Don't forget about the new volunteer rewards program – volunteers accumulating 20 hours of volunteer service this year on any COMBA project will be rewarded with access to where products hundreds of outdoor manufacturers can be purchased at pro-deal prices.

We had a successfuly weekend in July -- fully signing the Blackjack and Raspberry Ridge, opening a green line around the feature "Split" and closing down some unauthorized go-arounds. We did not have enough volunteers to begin work on "The Strip" so come out in August to help us open this new line and give some love to sections of Charlies Cut-Off