Little Scraggy Trail Update (Nov. 2016)

As everyone knows by now, the Little Scraggy trail at Buffalo Creek was completed this summer and is now completely open for riding.  The popularity of the trail has been staggering, with hundreds of riders enjoying this awesome singletrack, built by volunteers and professional trail-builders, every weekend.  Informal observation sees the majority of riders completing the loop clockwise from the main Little Scraggy lot at FS550 & hwy126 by connecting with the Colorado Trail at the upper end of Little Scraggy.  Keep in mind this trail is BI-DIRECTIONAL and riders also travel in the other direction, just as fun in my opinion!  Some issues have arisen however due to the popularity of the trail;  stutter bumps and trail damage to the trail caused by users skidding coming into turns and obstacles too fast - PLEASE AVOID SKIDDING - this scatters the loose type trail soil in that areas and creates those ugly stutter bumps and rutting that is time consuming to fix.  Signage - signs have been ordered for Little Scraggy and other areas at Buff Creek, they should be in place shortly.  The parking lot - yes, we know the private contractor handling the parking lot fees at the main lot at FS550 & Hwy126 tends to be "aggressive" at times to collect their $6.  They are under contract, but we are actively working with the USFS to figure out how to better manage the parking lot and determine what options are available (portion of fees going to trail maint, reduced fees, different contract, etc.).  Note that the Main Buffalo Creek lot further north on Hwy126 is a private community lot and has significantly more flexibility in what they can do and how they collect (donations) money.

COMBA has flagged 7 trail re-alignments on the Buck Gulch and Strawberry Jack trails, 2 were completed this year and we plan to complete the other 5 in 2017.  These new sections will be significantly more sustainable than the existing trail segments they eliminate and provide ALL trail users with a far better experience.  As mentioned in other posts, these particular trails were originally built a long time ago as mining or forest service roads not using modern trail design methods - thus the abundance of current "fall line" problems.  As posted in the 303 Trail Monitor group on Facebook, we have had recent issues with well meaning (we think) trail users blocking the new sections. We plan to deploy better signage and block the older trails to hopefully avoid this problem, but in the meantime please educate any unauthorized person you see doing this to please stop.

Buffalo Creek upcoming work parties and mini-crews.  We are currently working on the schedule of regular weekend workparties for 2017 and should have them posted in the next few months.  We also plan to step-up our Trail Adopter program with additional "mini-crews".  There are 21 separate trails at Buffalo Creek, far more than one person can handle.  So, we organized a Trail Adopter program where an experienced crew leader "adopts" 1-2 trails and is responsible for keeping an eye on them for maintenance and other issues.  The trail adopter is tasked with putting together mini-crews of 3-4 people as needed to fix minor trail issues and notify me of any problems that require USFS intervention (fallen trees, etc.) or that may require more significant efforts or the scheduling of a larger monthly work party to resolve.  The mini-crews may work any day of the week or weekend as needed.  If you are interested in adopting a trail at Buff Creek or volunteering for one of the mini-crews, please contact

Looking forward to seeing you all out on the trails!