Buffalo Creek Needs You!


Ever thought about giving something back to the sport we love?  Well here’s an opportunity to do just that and have a lot of fun in the process.

The Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol is a volunteer service organization affiliated with COMBA in its 17th year of continuous operation.  We partner with the US Forest Service patrolling the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area.  Yes, we are the best kept secret on the front range and we are looking for more volunteers.

We assist other trail users with information and repairs and provide feedback to the Forest Service on trail conditions and other pertinent information.  The best part of it all is your giving something back while simply riding your bike in one of the best trail networks in the area.

Did you know that one of the main reasons there are new trails being built in the Buffalo Creek area is due to the efforts of the Patrol over the past 16 years?  Let’s continue this effort and show the USFS that mountain bikers can be good partners.  

The requirements are simple; you must be a member of COMBA, attend the June 8th training day and patrol three weekend days during the summer.  And, we patrol in pairs so find a friend and join in the fun. 

 For more information, please go to FRMBP.org and click on About or contact chad.brockmeyer@comba.org.

Bike patrolling is about educating and helping others.  We leave the law enforcement to the professionals.  

So c’mon out and join in the fun!