Trails Team Positions 2017

Trails Team Positions 2017

COMBA is looking for volunteer leaders for the Trails Team.  We reach the Central Front Range (CFR) of Colorado and have many opportunities to create better trails and more trails.  With position leads in the areas listed below, we can accomplish even more for the mountain bike community. These positions require up to 10 hours per month including a monthly 2-hour meeting with the Trails Team. Ideally, volunteer leaders should live within the area.  In this position you could be connecting with land managers to discuss opportunities, organizing trail work with members, conducting public outreach and initiatives, or pursuing funding sources.  You will be supported by the COMBA Trails Team, our Executive Director, and our awesome COMBA membership.  The COMBA Trails Team is committed to stewarding more great trail experiences for all mountain bike abilities in the Central Front Range.

Urban-city open spaces

In this position you will focus on urban bike park development.  COMBA wants to create spaces within communities where families can find progressive mountain bike trails and features ideally linked to gateway trails.  Urban parks include Lakewood's open space parks, Front Range State Parks, and other city parks and open spaces.  

Denver Mountain Parks

With over 14,000 acres and a 100-year history, DMP are jewels of Denver.  In this role, you will connect with DMP staff to explore opportunities to perform trail maintenance, create new trails, and make other parks mountain bike friendly.  Current trails open to bikes are in Jefferson County Open Space, including parks like like Lair O’ the Bear, Alderfer, and Elk Meadow.

Clear Creek County - Filled

With excellent hub cities, CCC has great potential for mountain bike facilities connecting to Arapaho National Forest.  In this position you will connect with our Forest Service, county, and city contacts to discuss opportunities to build new trail, improve existing trail, and create access trail systems.  As the contact for COMBA, you will be involved with trails from the Continental Divide east to Jefferson County including the new Clear Creek Peaks to Plains trail.

Douglas County

With open space open to bikes, Douglas County connects with COMBA for trail maintenance and mountain bike opportunities. In this position, you will meet the land managers and engage the communities to maintain trails and explore more opportunities in the county for purpose-built mountain bike facilities.  You will also work with our contacts at Pike National Forest to access, maintain, and build trails in the Roxborough area. Douglas County includes trails in the Pike National Forest, Highlands Ranch, Parker, and Castle Rock.

Jefferson County

Precious. Bike Friendly. Well Funded.  Jefferson County Open Space is a great partner for COMBA and we are invited to the table for many initiatives.  We advocate, we build, we maintain, and we imagine together.  In this position you will continue this fruitful working partnership.  The SWOT team (Shape Wonderful Optimized Trails), a dedicated group of mountain bike trail builders, advocate for mountain bikers in the county.  You will lead these teams to improve our trails, build new trails, and create better trail experiences for all visitors.  You will collaborate with our partners that include Giddy Up, Mini Crew, and other bordering land agencies (DMP, Golden, Lakewood, Douglas County, Rocky Flats, Pike and Arapaho NF).

If you are interested in a position, please send an email to We look forward to meeting you.