2012 National Public Lands Day - Photo Recap


On Saturday, September 29th, 31 hearty souls spent the day helping COMBA and The Colorado Trail Foundation perform much needed maintenance on the first segment of the Colorado Trail.  If the two and a half mile hike each way did not tire the volunteers, the water management work did.  We lost track of how many rolling grade dips and drains were cut.  Everyone was very proud of the work the performed, as they should be, but the locals didn't seem too impressed, note photo of Rams.  

The weather was spectacular, the volunteers were even better and we capped off an excellent day with a BBQ.  A good time was had by all.

COMBA would like to thank the U.S. Forest ServiceThe Colorado Trail Foundation and the Denver Water Board for their assistance and cooperation, and a special thanks goes to all the volunteers, you made the day a perfect one!