Apex Park Trailhead Project 2013: Input Needed!

Come out tomorrow night for a Community Open House Event:

Tuesday, April 2, 5:30 - 7:30 pm -- Neighborhood/Public Open House, Jefferson County Open Space offices, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Golden, CO 80401

Wednesday, April 17 – Comments due. Submit comments either at the community/neighborhood meetings or by email at apexpark@jeffco.us

Public input does matter, and now is the time to chime in!

The Apex Park Trailhead Project is focused on the lower trailhead area near Heritage Square. The goals are:

  • Improve grading to manage drainage and reduce erosion.
  • Formalize the trailhead to include construction of a permanent, flush restroom to replace the existing port-a-let; provide drinking water for people and pets; establish property boundaries and sense of arrival with signage and parking organization.
  • Collaborate with City of Golden to extend the Kinney Run Trail to the new restroom.
  • Look at the project info here: http://jeffco.us/jeffco/openspace_uploads/Apex_Park_Project_Information_3_20_13.pdf
  • Provide your comments here: apexpark@jeffco.us - comments due April 17th!

In order to gauge interest in a new concept for enriching the park experience, JCOS is using this public input opportunity to ask about a possible amenity for park visitors. Please help us understand the interest and desire within our Parks system for a possible Mountain Bike Skills Trail described below.

Concept of Mountain Bike Skills Trail

Goal: Provide novice riders with a location to learn basic trail riding skills, proper riding technique, trail etiquette and stewardship.

Description: A Mountain Bike Skills Trail would consist of a natural surface trail with features built into the surface to mimic obstacles and conditions a rider would likely encounter while riding in a JCOS Park. These might include switchbacks, rock gardens, water bars, and balance logs in order to closely replicate the experience found on our trail system. In cases where the experience can’t be replicated identically, such as a narrow trail with a drop off, logs set parallel along trail tread might be placed to mimic this trail condition.

  1. Is a Mountain Bike Skills Trail amenity of interest to you? 
  2. Would you like JCOS to provide such an amenity?
  3. If so, at what park or location would you like to see such a feature?

Learn more and get involved:
Join our email list: Send an email to apexpark@jeffco.us and join our contact list. You will be sent special notices and updates on the Park from the Regional Parks Supervisor, Tim Sandsmark. This is also where written comments can be submitted or through comment cards provided at the public meetings.

Apex Park On-site Events: March 20 through March 31
Ask questions of staff and volunteers stationed at Apex Park on the following dates (weather permitting). Additional dates may be scheduled. Volunteers and staff from the Lookout Mountain Nature Center will also be providing nature education information.