Jeffco Open Space Survey Results

Last month, COMBA presented the findings of our November 2016 COMBA trail user survey to Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) management. Gary Moore, Executive Director of COMBA, stated, “We had 787 members of the mountain bike community respond to the survey, offering their preferences and priorities for how COMBA can work with JCOS to improve trails in JeffCo.” He added,  “JCOS was very receptive to the feedback and greatly appreciates the mountain bike community’s involvement and input.”

When asked to rank their priorities for new or redesigned trails, the rider community listed the following as top priorities (with 1 being the highest priority): 1) directional trails specific to climbing and descending; 2) features like rock gardens, drops, and jumps; and 3) A/B lines , with intermediate and advanced features on the same trail.

Respondents prefer bike-specific features

In addition to noting their preference for bike-specific features, 67.5% of respondents noted that, with limited resources, they would prefer an entirely new bike-friendly trail system over improving current trails with bike-friendly features.

After receiving survey feedback and meeting with JCOS, COMBA is submitting a Jeffco Trail Proposal for a new mountain bike-optimized trail system on Mt. Glennon. The planned area will be a 10-12 mile “laboratory” of bike-optimized trail management with trails for all levels, from beginners to advanced, directional trails, A/B lines, and tons of features. The area will also provide access for hiking and bouldering.

Planned site for Mt. Glennon bike-optimized trail system

COMBA is continuing to support JCOS’s  gnarly rock work on a new bike-optimized trail on the south side of Dakota Ridge, nicknamed “Moab on the Front Range,” with an estimated completion of phase 1 within the month.  We’ve already started bench cutting phase 2 and spying plenty of cool features to begin this journey down the ridge.  JCOS’s crack rock experts are placing some massive slabs in just the right places for optional lines, drops and technical features.  Although this trail is multi-use and multi-directional, JCOS is building these segments with a  preferred direction for bikes.

JCOS and COMBA staff and volunteers building Dakota Ridge South

COMBA and its partners also continue to improve trails throughout Jefferson County by making them more accessible and adrenaline-pumping for mountain bikers and all trail users. To see COMBA’s most recent trail projects where we are reshaping, rerouting, and rebuilding trails in collaboration with JCOS trail specialists, click here.

Our experience has shown that trail optimizations improve the trail experience for all visitors by increasing trail safety, contributing to a sense of continuity and solitude, and leading to better natural resource protection. We look forward to keeping up the momentum by working with the rider community and our JCOS partners to improve and increase mountain bike friendly trails throughout Jeffco.

To check out the survey, click here.

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