MiniCrew, Thursday, North Table Mtn, July 18, 2013

Minicrew will be working this Thursday, July 18th. Due to recent torrential rains in Jefferson County, Minicrew has been asked to help repair some of the washed out parts of North Table Loop Trail.

We will be meeting this Thursday at Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex 4471 Salvia St, Golden, CO at 5:30 pm. We will enter the park from the east side, along Easley Road.  Parking will be at Tony Grampsas, take W. 44th Avenue and turn north on Salvia St.  The parking lot is at the end of Salvia St., just a couple blocks.

 We will hike to the Lithic Trailhead, take a short climb to the North Table Loop, then work our way south doing repairs as needed to washed out sections. You will need to dress as you would for a two hour hike, prepared with work gloves, water, and a jacket or rain slick just in case.

The mini-crew program was started by mountain bikers and is designed as an “after-work-couple-of-hours” trail session.  Our events fall on the 3rd Thursday of each month, from May until September.

We focus on specific tasks assigned by Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) that support the trail maintenance activities for the JCOS work crews and staff.  Our events provide all trail users an opportunity to actively participate in the support and maintenance of the trail systems, as well as a chance to spread good will to all trail users we encounter.

 If you have any questions or need more information, send an email to or call Fred Berry at 720-840-8596.