Jefferson County Open Space

Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) manages one of the greatest open space park systems in the country. The abundance of parks and trails is the reason many of us have chosen to live in the Colorado Front Range. The open space properties are cherished by mountain bikers for their wealth of local riding opportunities and, as a result, bicyclists make up approximately half of all the visitors to the parks.

Maps of all the open properties in the park system can be found on this PDF:

The open space park system started as a citizens' movement led by PLAN Jeffco. After heavy campaigning by 400 PLAN Jeffco volunteers, the Jefferson County voters approved taxing themselves 0.5% to fund the purchase of open space on November 7, 1972.  Jefferson County Open Space was born. The parks and their funding have had to be defended by the citizens of the county several times since 1972.

In addition to these staff members, the  Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), a citizens' advisory board, makes recommendations regarding Open Space policy and procedures to Jefferson County's Board of County Commissioners. OSAC holds monthly meetings, open to the public, and are on the first Thursday of each month, beginning at 7 p.m. in the Ponderosa Room of the Jeffco Open Space Administration Building, Suite 100, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401.

COMBA regularly interacts with all of these groups to help ensure the preservation of the open space park system and mountain bikers' access to these properties.


Share the Trail Event - July 19, 2013

Join COMBA and Jefferson County Open Space at a "Share the Trail" event on July 19th at Matthews\Winters Park , from 5-8 pm. Meet at the Matthew Winters Parking lot and try a new bike out! Demo bikes will be available from Wheat Ridge Cyclery ! These Jefferson County sponsored Share the Trail events bring all trails users together with a festive atmosphere. Come out and meet the rangers and other...Read more

Jefferson County Open Space Seeking Mountain Bike Volunteers

It is rare that we get an opportunity such as this to be able to put ourselves into a position of volunteering for JCOS. However, this is exactly the opportunity that we, as a mountain bike community have. Jefferson County Open Space wants to put more volunteer mountain bike patrollers out on the trails and are requesting that interested parties apply. What an tremendous opportunity to become involved with this organization and do a little diplomatic outreach at the same time!Read more

Counter Proposal to Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) Proposed (“Revised”) Apex Park Management Plan

On Sept. 21, 2009, Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) published a revision to its proposed, recommended management plan for improving visitor experiences at Apex Park. The Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) believes the revised plan—which demonstrates a willingness to compromise—needs further attention; as such, we offer this counter proposal in the spirit of cooperation in order to seek...Read more

Response to Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) Proposed Apex Park Management Plan

On Sept. 3, 2009, Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) released its recommended, revised management plan for improving visitor experiences at Apex Park. The Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) believes the plan should be rejected in its current state, and offers this document as a resource for formulating a better proposal. Important considerations for managing trail users at Apex Park:...Read more

Update from the President - Dec. 2009

August 2009 After a very wet spring, it looks like summer heat is upon us. I hope you are enjoying the trails and taking advantage (while you can) of late evening light! Below is a quick update on recent COMBA matters, as we have been working hard on your behalf: Advocacy Just last week COMBA made our formal presentation to the Jefferson County Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), regarding our...Read more

COMBA submits Apex Park "Position Statement" to JCOS

Having attended both Open House sessions hosted by JCOS re: the Improving Visitor Experiences (Apex Park management policy review), COMBA has formally submitted our position statement to Jeffco Open Space leadership. We encourage all interested parties to read our complete submission (PDF) , and to attend the OSAC meeting this Thursday, July 2nd, to voice your support . A very brief summary of...Read more
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