COMBA and Guerrilla Gravity Announce Partnership


For Immediate Release 03/16/2015
Contact Jason Bertolacci
COMBA Executive Director

Guerrilla Gravity and the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) are excited to announce our new partnership. As part of the partnership, Guerrilla Gravity will offer a 10% discount to COMBA members on bikes, frames, parts and service in addition to a donation to COMBA of $150 per bike and $75 per frame sold. The goal of this partnership is to help build and maintain an ever-expanding network of trails in Colorado--and the number of Colorado-made mountain bikes on these trails!

"Here at Guerrilla Gravity we believe that a business should actively seek to enrich their community,” said  Guerrilla Gravity President Will Montague. “Not only is COMBA responsible for many of the local trails we ride, but they give a voice to the local mountain bike community. Partnering with COMBA helps fulfill Guerrilla Gravity's primary mission of making mountain biking more awesome!"

“COMBA and Guerrilla Gravity share a common pride in Colorado,” said Jason Bertolacci, COMBA Executive Director. “We are excited to have their support in making Colorado the best State in the Union for mountain bikers--and bring a discount on their beautiful, handmade Colorado bikes to our members.”

Join COMBA and Guerrilla Gravity at COMBA’s Annual Membership Meeting, April 2nd, 2015 at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, CO to see their highly-refined frames which are designed, tested, and built in Denver, Colorado. 

About Guerrilla Gravity
Guerrilla Gravity is a rider-direct mountain bike manufacturing company. This direct relationship allows Guerrilla Gravity to work with customers one-on-one, ensuring riders get the bike that's dialed for them. Guerrilla Gravity provides extensive customization options, from build kits to frame colors, all at a very competitive price point.

By communicating directly with our fellow mountain bikers Guerrilla Gravity receives feedback to ensure we make the best bikes and are always supporting and growing the mountain biking community. Increasing trail access, ridership, and knowledge about mountain bikes are some of Guerrilla Gravity’s primary goals. By riding a Guerrilla Gravity bike, you are helping to build the community.

Visit Guerrilla Gravity at their Denver manufacturing and retail shop, right by Mile High Stadium!  2031 Bryant Street, Denver, CO 80211