Recap from Beginner Ride #2, Bear Creek 2012


The beginner ride this month was at Bear Creek Lake Park. The evening provided 70 degree overcast weather, which is perfect for mountain biking

The ride started off with support from Golden Bike Shop, and then afterwards they provided post-ride beverages and snacks (thank-you!!)


A few adjustments and we were off!


What is missing here? Surprisingly it still shifted!


Some experienced riders showed up to help out, which was fantastic (thank-you!!) and very much appreciated.


Keith providing support, and a spot, if needed on a loose section of trail.




Our group rides offer a lot of encouragement with a no-drop policy! We all start together and we finished together.


Beautiful views at Bear Creek Lake Park.




Love all the smiles! Riding bikes is fun (and it does get easier the more you do it!)



There was never a shortage of views...





What a great group! 



It was a fantastic night! Thanks everyone for coming out and riding bikes with COMBA!