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Little Scraggy

After 2.5 years and over 1,100 hours of volunteer effort, the Little Scraggy Loop trail has been approved. Woo hoo! Located in the southeast corner of the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area, the 9 mile long loop trail will circumnavigate Little Scraggy Peak. Starting at Little Scraggy trailhead parking lot on Road 550 and connecting with the Colorado Trail near Morrison Creek, this area is currently only accessible on foot or horseback. Little Scraggy trail will open this new terrain to biking.  It will also connect Kelsey Campground with the Buffalo Creek trail network opening up new camping opportunities that were otherwise inconvenient.

Thanks go out to the many people (you know who you are) who generously contributed their time, including the numerous volunteers that spent hundreds of hours on the ground searching for a viable corridor. Also, the US Forest Service deserves a huge shout out for providing the behind the scenes resources to make this trail become a reality. And now the fun begins.

Check out this video, filmed and edited by: Chad Maurer:

COMBA, Trek Bicycle, and Wheat Ridge Cyclery have started construction on a trail in Buffalo Creek! Little Scraggy is destined to become the crown jewel of the spectacular Buffalo Creek area of Colorado's Front Range.

2015 Little Scraggy Trail Construction Update

2014 was a phenomenal year for COMBA’s construction efforts on Little Scraggy trail. We completed the 5.5 miles on the east side and the 0.5 mile Kelsey Campground loop, adding a total of 6 miles on new trail to the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area. All users are welcome but these trail are designed and built by and for mountain bikers and the reviews have been excellent. But not to rest on our...Read more

Little Scraggy East Trail is Officially Open!

The Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) is pleased to announce the official opening of a new five and a half mile section of trail in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area of the Pike National Forest. Built by a collaborative effort of COMBA volunteers in partnership with professional trail builders, the new Little Scraggy East Trail connects the Colorado Trail to Kelsey Campground opening the...Read more

Little Scraggy Trail Construction Update

On Friday, August 8th, we were joined by 24 employees of Oppenheimer Funds as part of their corporate volunteer program. Trail building is a little out of the norm for their volunteer program but they decided to give it a go this year and we’re glad they did. The volunteers weren’t quite sure what they were getting themselves into but based on the laughter, stories and good natured teasing at the...Read more

Little Scraggy Trail Building Re-Cap, June 14-15, 2014

A huge thank you to the 33 volunteers that joined us over the weekend to help complete close to another mile of trail. We are making great progress on Little Scraggy trail but we still have a long way to go to meet our goal of completing the east side this summer. Also, major kudos to the great folks at Trve Brewing for providing several flavors of their tasty offerings for the weekend. And did I...Read more

2013: Donate to COMBA this Holiday Season!

With the Giving Season upon us, we hope your gifting plans include COMBA! Through your generous donations, we are able to plan and build more trail, which is something we all want. Thanks so much for a great 2013 and we’ll be looking for you next year on one of our trail projects! Our current weather has halted COMBA’s trail work for now but November was an extremely productive month. Gil...Read more

Buffalo Creek, Little Scraggy Trail Work, Saturday, October 26, 2013

REGISTER ONLINE! We are back and on Saturday, October 26th , we’ll continue our work on the newest trail in Buffalo Creek. We finished about half of the Kelsey Campground loop on our last work day and our goal is to finish it before the snow flies. Time permitting, we’ll continue north working on the Little Scraggy loop. The main tread is already cut, so our focus will be finishing the trail...Read more

Buffalo Creek Little Scraggy Trail Approved; Trail Work September 14, 2013

UPDATE: Due to the sketchy weather forecast for Sunday, we are canceling Sunday's trail work, but we will still be working on Saturday (tomorrow) and will have a light breakfast and the post-work BBQ for the volunteers. You are welcome to camp this evening but we will be closing the campground when we are done Saturday afternoon. I hope you will still join us for tomorrow's trail work and I look...Read more

2013 Little Scraggy Trail Update

June 22nd & 23rd Build Weekend has been Cancelled Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in assisting with the construction of the new Little Scraggy trail in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area. We greatly appreciate your willingness to get involved but unfortunately, we cannot begin construction yet. We are still waiting for the final approval from the multiple government agencies...Read more
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