Trail Project Status


So what’s happening in the world of trails with COMBA? Our Trails Team has a ton of projects going on all over the Front Range. Below is a down and dirty recap of what’s been going on. Wanna get involved? Just shoot us an email to to let us know.

Bailey Trails

  • Fully funded (CPW Grant & partners) the North Elk Creek Connector which will head north out of Staunton SP and connect to Cub Creek → still need to talk with Forest Service

  • Supporting Bailey HUNDO’s development of the Narrow Gauge trail and Buck Gulch reroute

Buffalo Creek

  • New Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA) → dates are flexible for 2017, need to be agreed upon in advance with the Forest Service

  • Signs installed → “No Skidding”, removed incorrect directional signs, realigned Buck Gulch signs

  • Colorado Public Lands Day Work party May 20-21 to help recruit Trail adopters – we have adopters for many Buffalo Creek trails but still need Blackjack, Raspberry Ridge and Redskin

  • Working with Corporate Partner on a private trail work day to do some custom trail work

Clear Creek County

  • Inventorying and mapping trails in Area 98

  • Completed a survey to gauge interest in a lift assisted bike park at Echo Mountain

  • JHA and VSA is signed, start in Beaver Brook then branch out from there

  • Mapped out a conceptual corridor of older trails that could be repurposed in the North Floyd Hill area. It’s steep and rocky terrain, but a system could connect to the Peaks to Plains trail. Next steps are to put together a presentation for key stakeholders and work on getting a project approved.

  • Doing planning and scoping on a work plan for Cub Creek Trail

Colorado Trail

  • Meeting with Denver Water top manager to discuss master plan, which includes a possible trail out of Waterton canyon to get bikes off the road and a realignment on part of the Colorado Trail.

  • Getting a team to clean out the drainage – quick and dirty – do a whole segment in a day

  • The CT will be a focus of National Public Lands Day in September

Denver Mountain Parks

  • Had a meeting with Brad Eckert – pretty open to MTB community

  • Trails connectivity: agreements with JeffCo on thru trails – main priority there

  • New trail: loop in Genesee park that ties into CDOT – open to exploring more trails in that area but a limiting factor may be topography and geography

  • Working with Morrison on potential connections

Douglas County

  • Includes Roxborough, Indian Creek & Ringtail

  • Planning to conduct trail assessments – will need help from veterans on the team

  • Looking at connectivity to the new Sterling Ranch

Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol

  • Extending our efforts to Staunton State Park Trails – 10 patrollers to start, then maybe grow

Golden Area/Bike Park

  • Working with Golden Giddyup on singletrack sidewalks project

  • Presenting to Golden P&R board in May – 2 sections to start – features

  • $20k for each section

JeffCo Open Space

  • Reviewing COMBA initiated JeffCo Trails survey results with JCOS senior management.

  • Submitting a JeffCo Trail Proposal for bike-optimized trails on Mt Glennon.

Shaping Wonderful Optimized Trails - SWOT Team

  • Working with JCOS Trails Team to create double-black diamond trails on Dakota Ridge South section. COMBA funded (GoFundMe) technical assistance from IMBA’s Trail Solutions on the project.

  • Did a walk through on the Morrison Slide trail with trail work starting in June

  • Funded (REI Grant) Green Mountain Box O’ Rox trail extension being completed in May with Tony Boone Trails

State Parks

  • Setting up meeting with Chatfield SP which currently 0 mountain bike trails to assess feasibility of inclusion

Urban Trails

  • Working on Foothills Recreation project, which is currently a cyclo-cross race course for high school races. The golf course owns that land, but may be a potential for COMBA to come in and work with a trail designer to pro bono design a trail on the property.

  • There is additional potential to bring in law enforcement for Police Olympics and training opportunities